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Kicking World offers the best Football Punting instruction and punting drills. We offer private punting lessons and 1 on 1 punting instruction for youth, high school, college and pro punters! The reason for our success with the best punters in the country is because of our low student to coach ratio and our emphasis on punting form, technique, and fundamentals; not just walking around with a clipboard evaluating your punting, we actually coach you and teach you how to get better. Your strengths & weaknesses, your upside and your downside. You’ll know it all and will leave our football punting camp better educated, more confident and more consistent.

Our football punting instruction is the best because we keep our punting class sizes small and manageable. You’ll learn the proper way to drop a football and what the correct football punt drop looks like. The punt drop is one of the most important aspects of the overall punting process. We have football punting camps across the United States so be sure to check out our football punting camp schedule.

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